Nurture Great Leaders: Development Plans That Succeed

Overcoming Barriers To Learning and Development

Learning and development plans are created to help employees enhance their performance and contribute to the organization’s success. Both employees and employers claim to see the value in learning and development, yet all too often, development plans are made and never acted on. 

We wanted to find out what the biggest barriers were to successful learning and development, and how to overcome them. With the help of Development Dimensions International (DDI), we polled 13,000 leaders around the world to find out why learning and development plans failed.

All of our findings have been collected in our Nurture Great Leaders white paper – including some surprising discoveries. We found out that the barriers to formal learning are almost the exact opposite to those of informal learning. Four of the biggest barriers to learning and development include:

  • A lack of manager support, feedback and coaching
  • Insufficient opportunities to apply learning
  • No direct connection between the learning activity and job performance
  • Low relevance to business challenges

Find out the biggest barriers to learning and development – and break through them.

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